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A weekend of Sun, Sports and Photography

A view of the NCAA volleyball courts in the morning before the tournament starts. Before I begin, I should mention that watching sports is not a natural desire for me. That said, I am married to a Volleyball Official.....so needless to say, sports is somewhat a part of my life. Now up until this past… Continue reading A weekend of Sun, Sports and Photography

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So I Opened a Store!

http://www.etsy.com/shop/KismetKraft Well, an Etsy store that is. Yep, I did it! It's only got two listings at the moment, but its up! I have decided to sell my photography. I love photography so much and I love creating beautiful images, so it only seems logical. I am only at the beginning stages and I have… Continue reading So I Opened a Store!

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New photography lenses. The possibilities are endless. Short blog today. Just sharing my excitement. As always, thank you for visiting and if you are new to my blog, please visit my About Me page and follow me here. If you would like to introduce yourself and your blog, or just leave a comment, please do so below.  You… Continue reading Drop

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Expanding My Photography Horizons

I've been venturing out lately in the photographic realm. Not a professional...yet, but I do see it in the not so far distance...I'm hoping. I had the pleasure of running into a long, long lost friend, like 15 years ago friend. Turns out that she too is a musician/singer (something I never knew). She plays… Continue reading Expanding My Photography Horizons