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Losing Weight and Getting Fit…….

My journey may be similar to yours, or way different. Everyone has their own situation, obstacles and end goal. Mine may seem trivial to you but its mine. Whereas, yours may seem that way to me. Disclosure: I give big props to those who have the discipline to become a competitive fitness model or bodybuilder. That is not my path, but to be fit and healthy is.

In everyone’s quest, there are strengths and weaknesses; and they are all different. Mine tends to be beer, wine, sweets and…….yep….PIZZA! I….LOVE….PIZZA! But at some point you reach a stage of your life where you say, ENOUGH! You have to get to that point to make anything really happen….or at least stick. I am not an obese person, by any meaning of the word, however, I felt like I was. I am 5’3″ and (for me) was (what I considered) over weight. This is where a lot of people will smirk or shrug because some of you are 60, 100, 150, and so forth, pounds over your ideal weight. Keep in mind however, that body fat percentage comes into play and also, just to point out, extra weight on me (a short person) looks way different on someone who is tall.

So, not feeling comfortable in a bikini all last summer, I decided, ENOUGH! I was eating what I wanted, drinking what and how much I wanted, and binge eating on bad days and late nights. I was stressed to the max from work and I took it out on myself. The worse thing was I had been working out too so my mentality was “I can eat extra calories and eat bad because I worked out”. Well, it caught up with me! When I sprained my ankle in December and couldn’t run or anything cardio for over a month, my body fat percentage doubled!!! I was fat!

That’s when I decided to fix it. I had seen all these Keto dieters online and how they were posting about it, so I did some research. I had read about the diet and that with Ketosis, comes side effects which I didn’t want. What I did get out of my research was that I wanted to do a “keto influenced” diet. I chose to keep track of my macros and focus on high fat and protein with a decreased carb diet. (a very hard thing for a pizza lover, lol) I would keep my fat around 65%, protein at 20-25%, and carbs at 10-15% with a calorie count that remained the same each day regardless if I worked out or not.

Yes, I had cheat days……you have to, or your diet will fail! So, here I am, at my goal weight. Treating it as a lifestyle change, it didn’t happened over night or even in a week. This has taken one and a half months to lose 12lbs. My journey is not a fly by night diet where I will go back to eating the way I was and gain it all back, it is something I have and plan on sticking with. Again, this is why we have cheat meals, so we aren’t depriving ourselves.

My new adventure now will be focused on building muscle and toning. This will increase my weight since muscle weighs more than fat, but my body fat will continue to decrease, which ultimately is my final goal. This will involve switching my fat and protein percentages and increasing greens, but still keeping my carbs low.

I don’t share this because I think this is what everyone should do. As I said above, everyone’s path is different. What worked for me, may not work for you. I share this as encouragement. Whatever your path…..FIND IT! Make your goal something you feel comfortable with but find it. I do believe in health and fitness and I do believe that it will keep most people from sickness, either now or later in life. If anything, I believe being healthy and fit will increase years in everyone’s life, which will ultimately increase your wonderful life experiences. 🙂

I hope you find this post inspirational and/or informative.

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