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Last I checked….

……I didn’t live in Newfoundland! Apparently, Grand Banks, Newfoundland leads the pack of the foggiest place to live. But no, I live in SUNNY Florida (said with a bit of sarcasm, giving the subject of this post) and I am over the many foggy, overcast and rainy days we have been having and today is just another. This is what I normally get to enjoy…..

Crystal Beach via U.S. News Travel

In addition to the #1 leader, Newfoundland, there are 4 others that head the sunless and depressing pack of lack luster places to live…..and some with very interestingly fitting names. (Disclosure: I have never been to most of these places, therefore my descriptive opinions are merely an assumption due to not being a person who enjoys living in a day to day murky climate.)

Grand Banks, Newfoundland is known for their history of abundant fishing and marine life. However, due to the overfishing, the resulting decline in fish stock, and the closure of the fishery in ’92, new regulations had to be put in place to reopen in the late 90’s.

Via Humbles Church road Media-Grand Banks, Newfoundland

Second in the race, is Point Reyes, California. Fun Fact: This is the chosen location for the original film The Fog in 1979. The famous Point Reyes Lighthouse is a many travelers POI (point of interest) stop, fog or no fog.

Point Reyes, California Via Trip Advisor

Next up, we have Cape Disappointment, Washington. What a name! “Where do you live?” “Cape Disappointment!” ….. I just don’t see those words coming out of my mouth….ever! And to top it off, it has been reviewed as the place to go if you “are a lover of all things wet, all things foggy, and all things windy.”

Cape Disappointment via Trip Advisor

Another fog abundant place to visit, is San Francisco AKA The city by the bay! The Golden Gate Bridge in particular, is the fourth location well known for its fog. This is a place I have visited previously, and I do have to say, having seen the fog, it is lovely and yet eerie all the same. Especially when it surrounds Alcatraz.

So this brings is to the final in the race, but not the least…..Mistake Island, Maine. Mistake Island? Really? They couldn’t think of any other name? Not one? Well, there isn’t much information out there but what I gather is that the name came from a misunderstanding of the original name of “Moosabec”.

Moose peak (Mistake Island) lighthouse at Mistake Island via Latitudes’ Journey

Bottom line is, I like sun and I am sure these places have their very own charming and/or alluring excitement. Visiting would be great, but for me…..I have no desire to live where the sun doesn’t.

So this brings us to my dilemma, WHERE IS THE SUN? I have a hard time getting motivated on days like this. Not to mention, it does put a damper on my B&W photography when the sky is murky. So, I guess I’ll just wait on Mother Nature to get in a better mood……what else can I do?

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