Well, for starters, I’m not a professional writer, so no judgements please. In fact, I kinda suck at grammar and sentence structure (beware to all the English majors out there…..you have been warned. 🙂 I’m probably doing something wrong as we speak.) Also, prepare for the random thought that will interject my concentration from time to time. I can’t promise a literary work of art, but I can promise you will be entertained. If not for content….then definitely by fixing all my errors. Haha. Now that that’s out of the way……

My name is Renee and I’m a Real Estate agent in the Panhandle of Florida. (See my website on the home page) I am a mom to 2 boys (actually grown men….Gosh I’m old) and a Step-mom to 2 girls (actually grown women). My Hubby has 5 grandchildren which makes me a Grandma now. I’m very happy and blessed in all facets of my life, which included work up until recently. I am finding myself at a cross roads in life and am now ….. at the tender age of, ahem, 40-something…..trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up! 

I’ve been in Marketing for the last 10 yrs and, as a Christian, have increasingly felt led through the years to do something different….something more substantial. I also sing….did I mention that? (random thought). Anyway, I would like to do many different things with my life so I think I’ll give them all a try. First and foremost, I plan on serving in my church more. My work schedule has always prevented me from commiting to service, so I am really excited about that and cant wait to share my experiences with you. I can’t wait to see what God’s plan has in store for me.

I plan on taking a photography class since I love taking photos (especially of sunsets) and my hubby gave me a very complex camera for my Birthday, which I have no idea how to really use. So, I will be posting about my experiences with photography and the pictures I take. Feel free to comment and provide feedback if you feel led to do so. 

I also, would like to get back into music and get another band started ……hence the “I sing” comment above. I plan on taking piano lessons to improve my abilities and put to use the very expensive keyboard I “just had to buy” a few months ago. Singing is my passion and I do hope that one day I can use it for what God intended. 

Lastly, I would love to open my own business one day….sooner than later. I really think that would be rewarding.

So that’s me in a nutshell….bad literary skills and all. 🙂 I do hope you will visit often. I will try to keep up with my thoughts and share as much as I can. If you have any suggestions or just feedback, please feel free to use my handy-dandy “Leave a comment” widget on the home page and don’t forget to FOLLOW ME! 

Thanks for visiting. 🙂

Trusting in God Always.