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B&W photography…….A big learning curve!

In my last post, I shared some photography from my digital camera. Ultimately, I want to be a better photographer. This week, it’s all about B&W film. As promised, I am going to share my progress as I continue on my journey. And as also stated, my vulnerability is heightened by doing this as I open myself up for critique. I do welcome it, however, so that I may learn.

In this venture, I have discovered that it is not easy to have an “eye” for B&W photos. There is so much that goes into the artfulness of these pictures. And let me clarify……this is not Digital photography I am about to share, it is on film.

After finding and taking, what I think are good, photos, I then have to develop the roll correctly. I added correctly because you can easily ruin 36 photos by simply getting the development time wrong. From there, I have to make a contact sheet of the negatives and pick the pictures that seem like they would be good to enlarge.

The enlargement process is another process that you have to perfect. The right pic, the right exposure time, the right contrast filter, and so forth…..there is so much to learn.

Anyway, here I am, getting ready for my first class critique and grade. I have focused on the below pictures, but I have many others still to enlarge. Take a look….if you have a comment to share, or a suggestion, or a question….please do. I need to know that I am on at least the right path. TIA

I hope you enjoyed them. I can’t wait to see what kind of pictures I’ll be sharing at the end of my class. 🙂

Note: I do not give permission to share my pictures without credit. Thank you.


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