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So I Opened a Store!


Well, an Etsy store that is. Yep, I did it! It’s only got two listings at the moment, but its up! I have decided to sell my photography. I love photography so much and I love creating beautiful images, so it only seems logical. I am only at the beginning stages and I have a lot of growth and learning to do still, but saddle up, it’s gonna be a ride!

My journey since November has been pretty incredible! God has been more active than ever in my life and He is teaching me new things everyday! Mostly how to TRUST Him! Trust is not something that comes easy from me. I’ve always been taught never to depend on anyone and in my life experiences, that proved true! If I wanted to secure my future, I did it! I couldn’t rely on anyone else!

Through this process, my ability to rely on God and trust Him has increased in uncountable measures. I have completely allowed Him to put me in uncomfortable and vulnerable situations only to come out of them a new person! I have to tell you, if you are interested in knowing Jesus in a more intimate way, pick up the bible study book by Sarah Young, Putting Jesus First. This study changed my life.

Look, I’m just like everyone else in this world….running in circles, chasing dreams, money, love, etc. But this study showed me that God has something so much better for each of us…..IF we will only TRUST Him!

So here I am, completely trusting God…..and thankful He loves me! Praise God!

Feel free to comment below if you would like more information about how you too can start letting Jesus be the director of your life! You won’t regret it!

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