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A weekend of Sun, Sports and Photography

A view of the NCAA volleyball courts in the morning before the tournament starts.

Before I begin, I should mention that watching sports is not a natural desire for me. That said, I am married to a Volleyball Official…..so needless to say, sports is somewhat a part of my life. Now up until this past weekend, I really had no interest in Volleyball……that has changed! I should also mention, I am always game for going to a live sporting event as they are always fun, regardless of your fan status. (Well, I guess if your a hard core fan and your team loses, that’s not so fun. I do not have this issue. LOL)

I was able to attend the NCAA Women’s Collegiate Volleyball Championships at The Hang Out in Gulf Shores, AL over the weekend. It was hot! Sticky! Sandy! But fun! Watching all the teams compete with all their gusto, pouring out their sweat and tears, was so fascinating.

Now, as a girl who primarily grew up in Louisiana, I will say I was routing for the LSU team. They were undefeated up until the semi-finals and played their hardest. UCLA took home the prize but I would say LSU came with the most team energy and school spirit. But are we surprised? They are kinda known for that! 🙂

The first day I wasn’t so interested, as I was more there to spend time with my hubby while he was off. By the last day, I was cheering and clapping and watching every play! I really can’t wait to go again, and hopefully I will be able to.

Just a quick note about the Officials that work their butts off to make sure these matches are scored fairly and accurately……What a group! They spend 12-14 hrs a day in the hot sun, full of sand and sometimes soaked from storms (which did happen this weekend). Some have been at it for decades, and some just starting their Officiating career. All great and a close knit family kind of peeps. They are a really fun bunch!

Along the way, when I wasn’t completely enthralled by the games being played, I managed to take some pics I think you’ll like. So, in keeping up with my photography quest, I always take the camera, you never know what you will have in front of you.

Gulf Coast Region Officiating crew. (not all were present, but most were :))

In closing, this was a busy, but great weekend! I keep getting asked when I will start Officiating……. Hmmmmm. We shall see where God places me. 🙂

Just FYI, I did take some action shots, however, I need to practice more on those before I release them to the public…. 🙂

Also worth noting, The Hang Out was a pretty cool place. There is a massive festival in the coming weeks where thousands attend and famous bands from all over play. Check it out here!

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