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Calling All Self Imposed Dieters!

……And when I say dieters, I don’t only mean those who have put themselves on a temporary Fad diet. I am talking about those who have made permanent changes to their diet that, in some sort of way, impacts everyone around them.

I am that person! Approximately, 10+ yrs ago, I read a book. I know, me? Lol kidding! But really, I read a book called The Beauty Detox by Kimberly Snyder. It was a really good book, mostly about how switching to a plant based diet gives you better nutrition that can alleviate many health issues.

The book generally speaks about why being a vegetarian is best for us. The author is a celebrity nutritionist who studied around the world learning about different cultural eating habits and the effects it has on the human body.

I found it interesting that it mentions several case studies in which people with ailments such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and the like have been cured of these ailments simply by changing to a plant based diet.

The part that hooked me though was the comparison of the human bodies digestive system to that of a true carnivore, like a tiger or lion. The fact that their teeth are all pointed and sharp for tearing through flesh, but ours is mostly flat for grinding herbs. The fact that as humans, we produce less bile then tigers, which allows them to break down the food a lot faster then humans. The fact that their digestive track is way shorter than the 25 feet of our combined human intestines, allowing the tigers to expel waste quicker.

For me, this book, combined with having a heart condition (I have SVT, Super-ventricular Tachycardia), was enough to convince me to at least stop eating red meat and pork. So I did and changed my diet. It’s been approximately 10+ years since I’ve had a steak or pork chop, and I don’t miss it!

So why am I not a full vegetarian? Well, I love my chicken and I love my seafood! So there you have it! Even still, I can say that just by eliminating the red meat and “the other white meat”, I do feel healthier overall. So baby steps!

However, my hubby does not follow the same eating habits as I do so dinners can get, I guess, rather boring for him. So, every time we go out to eat he makes sure to order something he doesn’t get from my cooking, lol.

Let me hear your thoughts or experiences with health and diet changes. I would be interested to learn of how others experiences have faired.

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3 thoughts on “Calling All Self Imposed Dieters!”

  1. I am getting there slowly, mainly eat chicken, ground turkey and seafood now. I will eventually cut out red meat and pork chops all together.

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