Pictures anyone?

I’ve been absent from my blog and I’m sorry. It has been for good reason though. My days have been filled with preparations, marketing, photo shoots and editing. I couldn’t be more pleased.

What I’m saying is, I started my own business, ya’ll! I’ve always wanted to but I could never really dial in the exact business to actually commit and take the leap.

Yep, I did it! Of course, it’s just the beginning and having only been open for less than a month, I have no way of knowing just how successful it will be. I gotta say, though, I’m pretty confident.

I have a ton to learn and I am learning everyday but I LOVE IT! When I started this photography venture I never saw THIS happening, but my love for photography has multiplied so much from the start!

The one whom I have to thank for the ability to do this is God! Of course, I am thankful for my family and my hubby, especially my hubby, for their support through all this, but God set me on this path and so He gets the glory!

So if you are planning on a visit to Destin, or you are lucky enough to live here, let’s do some shooting!

My website is www.Rhowardphotography.com

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Thank you and til next time,



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