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Expanding My Photography Horizons

I’ve been venturing out lately in the photographic realm. Not a professional…yet, but I do see it in the not so far distance…I’m hoping.

I had the pleasure of running into a long, long lost friend, like 15 years ago friend. Turns out that she too is a musician/singer (something I never knew). She plays in a band called Catalyst and we began to “catch up” on life and what we are “up to now”. Finding this out, I stayed to see her perform. That particular night, though, she was at an Open Mic a local brewery was holding and she was a one woman act. She sang and played her Ukulele she so wittingly calls Matilda. I was totally in awe of her cute stage persona and talent.

I told her I have been studying B&W film art photography and how much I have loved it. When she heard me say I also was trying to expand to live subjects (lol) and a digital format, she asked if I would come take photos of her band on the upcoming weekend. Of course, I jumped at that simply for the experience. Not only, did I get to shoot people, but also in a more challenging setting……which I knew nothing about! lol Time to turn on the google machine.

So I did some research. I realized quickly I really didn’t have all the right equipment, so my hubby decided to get me a new lens he had heard awesome reviews and recommendations about. The Sigma 16mm F1.4 prime lens.

Armed with my Sony a6000, stock 16-50mm zoom lens, the new sigma lens and 2 tripods…..we were on our way. I recognize that there are so many other pieces of equipment that I will need to invest in if I really want to become pro…..but you have to start somewhere, right.

It was a lot of fun and great music. If your in the local area, definitely check them out! Over all, I was actually proud of the pictures I produced……and some quick editing techniques videos helped to fine tune them. Here they are…….feel free to give any advice you have.

I’ve decided, live music photography is challenging. So much movement and a ton of pictures to go through in post processing. Not too shabby for my first go at it, but as always, I am open suggestions or tips for improvement.

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***I do not give permission for my photographs to be used or shared without credit.***

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