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One Bucket List Down…….

Everyone has bucket list items they want to accomplish before they leave this world. Some may want to climb a specific mountain, or learn to fly a plane, or visit a certain location, etc. I got the pleasure of checking one of mine off my list last Thursday night. No it wasn’t something that was a life risking adventure or a Guinness World Record breaking achievement, mine was simply seeing one of my favorite bands live that I have listened to daily for the last 10 years. A group that when I have been at my absolute end, their music and lyrics have reached into my heart and breathed life into it again.

Truly, the glory must go to God because he is the one who has blessed this group to even be able to touch hearts. God works through them and I couldn’t have been more blessed just having them on my radio, and in person Thursday. Who, might you ask, am I talking about? None other than The Casting Crowns! I know, you were probably expecting to hear The Rolling Stones or even The Backstreet Boys, but no, as a Christian, my listening ears tend to lean to those singing about His Greatness. Music that allows me to sing praises to the One who matters!

This was an amazing concert! Great opening acts with Austin French and Zach Williams. They alone were fabulous and had the crowd on their feet. The Casting Crowns finished the night off bringing the house to their knees practically. All for His glory!

I am truly blessed. And the back story on the Casting Crowns was tearful and joyful, just amazing! Much respect! A true inspiration! And funny to boot! Go see them……! Here are some snippets of the show.

(sorry they are not more, I was fighting a dying iPhone battery and had to pick and choose. Also, DISCLOSURE, I am not a professional videographer……..YET. I’m just a girl with an iPhone. lol)

Video Snippets of the show. ****The crowd was singing along, but I don’t think the out of tune ones were too loud. XD****

Zach Williams – Song Of Deliverance
Casting Crowns – Only Jesus
Casting Crowns – The Voice of Truth
Casting Crowns – Until the Whole World Hears
Casting Crowns – Who am I

Again, apologies that the videos are not the complete songs. (Iphone batteries – the struggle is real! lol) I have added links to the actual YouTube songs for you below if you would like to listen to them. If you see them come to town….make sure you go see them! Fabulous musical and spiritual experience.

Full songs on YouTube: Zach Williams – Song of Deliverance; Casting Crowns – Only Jesus; Casting Crowns – The Voice of Truth; Casting Crowns – Until the Whole World Hears; Casting Crowns – Who am I

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