What did you do today?

Was it something great? Did you get fulfillment and satisfaction from it? Was it purposeful?

About 2mths ago, our area (well 50 miles east of me) got hit by the 3rd strongest hurricane on historical record. Hurricane Michael left tens of thousands displaced and without homes. The death toll rose to 36 and many still remain missing.

One of the devastated communities is Bear Creek and today we, Generations United Church, got the pleasure of giving love back to this community. Every year, Pastor Luke and the Bear Creek Assembly of God congregation put together a Thanksgiving dinner for the surrounding community, but this year would prove to be too much of a challenge for the Church. With all the hurricane damage and so many of the congregation living in dire conditions, not to mention the church itself is in need of severe repair, Pastor Luke had decided to cancel this years dinner.

Many people affected by Hurricane Michael lost everything, homes, cars, businesses, lives, etc. It truly is one of the worst disasters ever. Only 2 MPH short of a category 5 they said…..but I believe one day they will revise this to a category 5. And to think….if it had not turned slightly to the east, this would have been me! I don’t think anyone could have faired well in the path of Michael.

So, my church Pastor, Pastor Phil, had reached out to Pastor Luke and found out the situation. He asked if our church could put it together for them and give to their community, so we did.

This is the first time I have been able to be a part of an outreach like this and I will tell you, even though at times it was heart wrenching to see, it was the best day! The best feeling! The best eye-opening experience! No one is immune to this kind of situation and as you see, it can happen in a flash!

This is just one street! This devastation goes on for miles and miles. It’s truly hard to really comprehend until you see it in person. I was grateful to serve these people today! Grateful to make them smile. It really helps you to appreciate life and the people in your life. Notice I didn’t say things or stuff……because NONE of that matters! At the end of the day, its about people!

So, we served food, provided to-go bags, toiletries, toys for the kiddos, clothes, fun, hugs, listening ears, and prayers. We shared stories, we shared our time, we neighbored! Total strangers thanked us, cried with us, laughed with us, and loved us. It was amazing! This world is in dire need of this! We can be “neighbors” to everyone we meet.

Too many times, we say we don’t have time to be a neighbor, but I challenge each of you to TAKE TIME! Make it a priority. Show a stranger love and kindness. Give someone in need part of you….your time.

This is the first of many for me. Until next time….. đŸ™‚


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