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It’s never too late!

This post will be a bit shorter than the rest. Only because I will have so much more to add to it down the road. First, if you read my ABOUT ME section, you would have read that one of the new adventure’s I wanted to go on was to go back to school……..Well, here I am!! BOOM!!!

I had my FIRST day of school today!

I want to add, that I am so proud of myself….not because I am doing what no one else can do……but because I’M DOING IT!!! I am following through! What a great feeling that is. Do you know what I am talking about?

I am notorious (saying this as I roll my eyes because it’s so true) for saying I am going to do something for myself and then I never do it! I know that some of you reading this will just say, “I always do what I say.” But I don’t!

My first day back was exhilarating…..even though it was just introduction day and class was short! lol

I really feel like I am on the road God wants me on. I am not completely certain where he is taking me but it feels good and I can wait to post all about WITH my pictures I will be creating in class.

Side note: I have never considered myself a “creative” person, in fact I have always said that I missed the boat for that gene my Mother was passing down to us. One thing I have noticed since I have began this journey, is that my creativity has really been ignited! I am drawing (something I never thought I could do….and coming soon to a blog post near you 😉 ), I am coming up with ideas that I usually wouldn’t, and well, as a singer, I am super excited to see what creativity comes from that! With that said…..

I encourage everyone to follow their dreams, even if it means you may have to sacrifice along the way. LET GOD guide you! Be still…….and know! HE is GOD!


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