The Joy of Sprains…..

Have you had one? I can’t recall if I ever had, but let me begin 2 days ago….

We (hubby and I) were in Texas on our way to say our goodbyes to the family as we were set to head home that day. We stopped off for some amazing donuts at AM Donuts for breakfast (a special pink glazed donut for Princess Eleanor :)). On our way, Hubby remembered there was a really cool site he wanted me to see (it was my first time to Abilene, you see). So we veered off the path just a bit and parked on the side of the road near a park, called Red Bud Park. He instructed me to grab my camera (the one I don’t know how to use, hence the photography classes) and follow him.

As we walked across the field to the unknown feature he was dying to show me, in 30 degree weather by the way (which is freezing to a Florida girl), I was completely enthralled in the mystery of what was so amazing that it warranted a freezing walk across this massive field. I couldn’t wait……yet, having lost feeling in my fingers and toes quite rapidly, was in a hurry to get to the structure just the same. 

Skipping ahead, we arrived at the cool feature which turned out to be a encircled haven for Prairie Dogs………What??? Yes, the town of Abilene had encompassed a little town, if you will, for the local prairie dogs. It was actually really neat to see all the critters in their own little environment just being! It was a site to see.

I know, I know……..sprains? Well, one detail I have not told you yet is that while we were walking toward Prairie Dog Land, hubby failed to mention the burrowing squirrels and the holes they create all over the field. Yep, stepped right into one and instant rolled ankle. 😦

Of course, I limped for a moment but it didn’t hurt much after that so I thought…”whew, I got lucky!” Nope, 2 days and a treadmill run later, I’m unable to walk on that ankle. Never having a sprain before, I am not sure what to expect. Is it normal for the pain to kick in 2 days later? Maybe I put the final “twist” while running? As I limp through my day…..I am open to tips on how to take care of this fun setback. But those prairie dogs sure were cute! Please comment with info or just that the little critters are adorable. Until next post……have a great day!


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