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Where have I been?

I’ve been MIA….from my blog that is, and I’m sorry. Actually, no I’m not. Not that I don’t care about my followers, but that I feel that what I’ve been doing has been so rewarding for me that being absent from my blog has been worth it.

So what have I been up to? Well, I’ve become a professional photographer. Opened my own business and all.

In my last post, over a month ago, I had announced my new business and since then I’ve been slammed! I have to say, I didn’t expect that. I thought it would take a few months to get going steady but, nope, right out of the gate!

Let me tell you this though…..I LOVE IT! I love the people I meet, the hunt for the perfect shot, and the “beautifying” of the pictures in post processing! All this is thoroughly fulfilling to me.

Most people think as a photographer my job is to press the little button that goes click and then I go home and load up the images for the customer and I’m done. I tell you….it’s sooooo much more than that! The post process can be very time consuming, especially if I didn’t have my settings correct to begin with…..and it happens from time to time. Plus the learning curve on photoshop is like, forever? Lol

The part of my work that I really love though is how important my role is to so many families. I never knew my job would be so important, honestly. When you have 1st time family vacations, the miracle baby, the family member that might not be “available” for pictures next year, the bride and grooms BIG day, the newborn baby who will never be newborn again, the belly shot of the mother about to give birth……I can go on and on. These moments are so important and it’s my job to capture them!

Pictures hold so much emotion and that emotion lives forever in the millisecond of a moment. This is why pictures are so important and people will never stop taking them.

We live in such a fast paced world, the only thing we can do to be able to remember our blurry lives is to take pictures. But the families…..well they touch me in my heart every time! Their stories are so different and they share them with me which makes me feel like I’m part of their family too. It’s special!

So this is me, behind the scenes. Trying to make sure I capture the vision of my clients expectation. And of course I try to make it fun too! I want everyone to leave a session with me saying “That was a blast and we had a lot of fun.” (Even if it’s like 100 degrees and we are all sweating our tails off) Of course they are gonna say they can’t wait to see the pics, who wouldn’t? But to also have a fun, positive experience to go with it…..yeah, that’s what I want!

So, that’s where I’ve been! I love my job! 😊

So if you are planning on a visit to Destin, or you are lucky enough to live here, let’s do some shooting!

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Come and take pictures with me! 😊


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